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Travel Subsidy Policy


January 23rd, 2016

While it is the main priority of the Fund Development committee chaired by the Treasurer to enhance, develop and improve the provincial adult and junior championships, It is an objective of the Board to provide funds to assist players in representing the province at Atlantic and National competitions.

Upon the successful completion of the Provincial Championships, GNL will utilize the available surplus revenues generated from the competition and fund-raising activities to provide a travel subsidy for players attending the above noted competitions as follows:

GNL would provide a travel subsidy to three (3) player teams that will represent the province at the Atlantic Championships in both the junior and adult divisions. Furthermore, GNL will provide a travel subsidy to the three (3) player teams, both junior and adult in each division competing at the National Championships.

Also, players who finish in the top 50 percent of the field at the Atlantic Championships will receive an additional travel subsidy to attend the National Championships.

GNL will apply for additional travel subsidies through the Sport Division for Junior players competing at the Atlantic and National Championships and any subsidies provided will be issued to the eligible players.

In order to qualify for the travel subsidy, a player, must have competed at the event and is compliant with the code of conduct for the competition as outlined through Golf Canada. 


Healthy Eating Policy for Golf Newfoundland Labrador (GNL) 


Golf Newfoundland Labrador (GNL) is concerned about health issues and the Board of Directors, Junior Committee , as well as, many of its membership are interested in choosing healthier foods and beverages, being physical active, staying tobacco-free, caring for environment and supporting local products. 

What we eat and our level of physical activity can be positively influenced by healthy and supportive policies where we, live learn, work and play. 

Food such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lower fat milk products and leaner meats help to prevent chronic diseases. 
A Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), supportive of healthy food and beverage choices helps create and maintain healthy individuals. 

Offering healthy choices is important in striving for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, effective January 1st, 2015 when food and beverages are served at GNL operated  events the organization will follow the healthy eating policy.

We will do our best to;

Serve vegetables and fruit more often

Offer a variety of whole grain products

Offer skim, 1% , 2% milk and/or plain water

Offer lower fat milk alternatives (yogurt, cheese)

Provide smaller portion sizes

Choose green options when possible

And, always encourage healthy options 




GNL Consitution Revised November 14th, 2015

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