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Quota Spot Criteria

National Championships
Quota Spot Criteria
Adopted October 5th, 2016
GNL, received and tabled a request to consider providing a national quota spot to a non-resident if the individual were to finish the Provincial Amateur Championships in a position to obtain a quota spot.
The Board discussed the matter in detail and after a detailed review on the topic the following motion was made:
It was moved by Eddie Bearns and seconded by Ken Casey to authorize the Board to review and make a decision on this type of request on a case by case basis and that the following base criteria be used to guide the Board in the review and evaluation of requests of this nature based on the following criteria.
  1. The individual must be a Canadian citizen (Canadian Passport and/or residency as per Golf Canada), with a direct inheritance to the Province; meaning that he or she, his/her parents and/or grandparents were born in the Province.

  2. The individual must provide a golf resume outlining achievements to date and his/her rationale for the request.

  3. The individual will not be considered for a position on the Provincial Team representing the Province at Atlantic and/or National competitions, nor will the non-resident player be eligible for any travel or associated subsidies/

  4. At the completion of the Competition, quota spots will be offered to the top NL Resident finishers first, based on the quota for each competition. If any of those Resident players decline their quota spots, the quotaspots will be offered to the next highest finishers including Non-Resident players in order of finish.

    Example, if a Non-Resident Competitor finished 3rd, surrounding by NLers, the Non-Resident Competitor would be awarded a quota spot only if one of the top 6 or 4 Nlers declined. Current Provincial Quota for National Competitions: Amateur Men - 6, Amateur Ladies - 4, Mid-AM - 4 & Senior - 4
It should be noted that the Board of Directors is not mandated to accept and consider each request but will review a request based on the individual’s merit.
Carried Dated: October 5th, 2016

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