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Bunker Shots

Sand Traps

Bunker shots tend to scare many golfers and with the right technique you can turn that fear into confidence and success.

Get into the bunker and settle your feet an inch or so into the sand, your foot alignment should be to the left of your target.  The ball should be forward in your stance, slightly ahead of centre.

Keep the face wide open throughout the swing. You want to have the club open as you splash down into the sand.  The swing should be outside to in, meaning that you want to swing the club away from your body as you go back and then to the inside as you accelerate through the shot.  You should finish the shot with a full follow through.

You do not hit the ball, you hit the sand behind and underneath the ball. Don't try to "pick" the ball out of the trap, you'll want to hit the sand first, your focus should be on a spot about an inch behind the ball.

Spend some time practicing in the sand while utilizing these tips and they should help you feel more comfortable and confident over your nextbunker shots.

Have fun,

Jeremy Rivando

Clovelly - PGA of Canada


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