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Chipping is an important part of the game and with the right technique you can be successful around the greens.

Practice these tips and improve your short game!

Use your normal grip and choke down on the club slightly, keep the grip pressure soft and light.  The ball should be positioned towards your back foot and your weight should be on your front leg.

The first task as you approach a chip shot is to evaluate and envision the shot at hand.  In most cases the ideal landing area should be just a few feet on to the green.  Envision a shot that lands just on the green and rolls towards the pin.  Try using a 9 iron to start off, walk to your landing area and visualize the shot.

Make some practice swings with a confident brush of the ground each time.  Step over the ball and without too much thought or hesitation make the same confident stroke you just repeated in your practice swings.  Be aware of the speed of your stroke, try and develop a smooth motion, free of any tension.

There you have it, continue to refine this skill and good results will follow.

Be sure to practice and have fun!

Jeremy Rivando, Clovelly - PGA of Canada


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