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Field Trip Program

field trip programThe CN Future Links Field Trip program is an initiative to transition Golf in Schools participants to CN Future Links 'active' sites across Canada. Golf in Schools is a program, offered by Golf Canada, to all Elementary and high schools in the country. By registering for the program, schools are provided with the necessary resources (equipment, curriculum and training) which enables teachers to integrate golf into their ongoing, day to day teaching curriculum and meet the learning outcomes required by their respective Boards of Education.

One of the specific objectives of the Golf in Schools program is to create links between education communities and golf communities so that students have a greater understanding of where they can get access to regular youth golf programs. It is our goal to ensure that all school children have a positive golf course experience (hence directing them to facilities engaged in the CN Future Links Program) – and are aware of their next steps within their community with respect to golf.

All active CN Future Links facilities will be eligible to receive a $500 grant courtesy of CN, through this program. The grant's objective is to assist in off-setting costs involved in hosting a school at their facility (does not have to be the whole school – numbers dependent on programming availability). A maximum of a maximum of 60 CN Future Links Field Trip grants will be awarded in 2016. Programming delivered by the facility will be dependent on their capacity and capabilities and up to the facility to determine the best-case scenario. Programming will range from a tour of the clubhouse and course to a putting lesson, to time on the driving range.

To Apply For The Grant Golf Facility Criteria:

  • Facilities must be registered as an 'active' CN Future Links site
  • The maximum Grant is set at $500
  • Each facility receiving a grant must supply a report on the CN Field Trip they hosted that includes:
  • An itemized list of expenses
  • Brief highlights of the activities that the group participated in for use on the CN Future Links Website and/or other National Publications
  • Any money not spent and accounted for must be returned to Golf Canada to be put towards future Grants.

Selection of Sites:

Only those applications that meet the above conditions and are approved by Golf Canada will receive grants. Grants will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis. In an effort to implement this program across the country there will be a quota system of a maximum of two grants per facility (Please note these quotas will be held until May 1st of each year).

The facility applications must provide:

  • The proposed Golf in Schools site they will target
  • A brief paragraph (250 words) describing how the facility plans to use the grant and why it is a worthy recipient
  • List of budget expenses (Pro fees, travel expenses, facility expenses, prizing, etc...)

Recipients will be advised by email within 2 weeks of their application status. Golf Canada will confirm the initial interest of the school in proceeding with a field trip and provide the schools primary contact person to follow up with upon grant approval.


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