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National Junior Golf Development Centers

NLNJGDCSheildGolf Development Centres provide a clear golf developmental pathway with comprehensive coaching support for golfers between the ages of 5 – 18. These centres create a systematic approach to developing junior golfers which benefits players, families, coaches and golf facilities. The result is a system which provides support to players demonstrating a desire and high level of competency while also fostering the life-long passion for golf as a basic underpinning to the entire programming.

The framework looks similar to an inverted pyramid, where the goal is to have a large base of players who "feed" the system, and have age/stage appropriate programming provided with every experience. Ultimately as players' progress, they will filter through the club, with programs getting more and more specialized as they develop. Players and families will have a choice on whether they want to be involved in programming that is more competitive in nature or if they want to continue their engagement in the sport recreationally.

For recreational players, a JGDC is able to provide programming and access to those who will play for life but who aren't interested in competition. In this stream, the JGDC will be lead and assisted by PGA of Canada instructors and certified Community Golf Coaches. These recreational programs focus on servicing the demands of a sizable and captive group of players who simply want to play the game for life.

The competition stream is run by a PGA of Canada Head Coach, who has been certified and trained through the Golf's NCCP Competition stream.

In 2013 PGA Professional Wayne Allen, Blomidon Golf Club and Golf Newfoundland Labrador partnered to create the first provincial Junior Golf Development Center at Blomidon Golf Club in Corner Brook. This program has been such a great success that GNL is working with a course in the eastern region to attain certification status for the course for the 2016 season.

If you wish more information on the program visit www.golfcanada.ca or contact GNL at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or more information.

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